Skyping our Parish in Sao Paulo

This morning Carina, Benita and Br Chris skyped with members of our host parish in Sao Paulo for the first time!  It was fantastic to meet Fr Daniel and Erica, they are members of Paróquia Santuário São Judas Tadeu (the Parish of Saint Jude Thaddeus Shrine).  Here they are below!skypeingThe parish is based around a Shrine, which has great significance and has many visitors.  They have 6 Masses each weekday and 7 on Sundays.  They are very much looking forward to the Mission Week and to our stay.  Already they have 100 volunteers who will welcome and look after us during the week!  And afterwards, the parish will have 150 young people that will travel to Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day.

To test out your Portuguese, have a look at the parish’s website, visit

We hope to Skype them again on Friday.  With this awesome interaction today, it really makes it all very ‘real’.  I am looking forward to the pilgrimage even more now!!  Benita 🙂


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