Pilgrim – Benita De Vincentiis

Image Hi everyone, my name is Benita De Vincentiis and I am the Pilgrimage Coordinator of our group.

Olá, meu nome é Benita De Vincentiis e eu sou o Coordenador Peregrinação do nosso grupo. Temos um grupo pequeno, com um grande coração!

We have a small group with a big heart! A wonderful collection of people from across our Diocese. It has been a blessing to journey with them over the last year in the lead up to our pilgrimage to Brazil.

Brazil will be my fourth World Youth Day pilgrimage. This is coming from a girl who was totally oblivious to the event and was in Manila a week after WYD1995 and then in Rome a week after WYD2000. At both times, I was completely unaware of what I had just missed out on. In these last 8 years, I’ve been thrilled to discover this incredible celebration of our Church and the last three pilgrimages have brought me much joy. Not all joy at all times of course, pilgrimage can be tough, can bring challenges that you didn’t see coming, and can test your faith, patience and love! But in all of it, God is so definitely there and in all things he brings out His goodness and truth. All of my WYD pilgrimage experiences have stayed with me – I continue to learn, grow and discover from them, even now years later. God is so good and he has brought such good and loving people into my path.

I simply cannot wait now to get on the plane on Monday 15th and to arrive into Brazil for our Mission Week and World Youth Day experiences.

Viva Brasil! Eu amo Brasil!


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