Pilgrim – David Graham

photo (1)Hi Guys my name is David Graham and I am honoured to be joining such a great group of people for this wonderful WYD journey.

I am a teacher at MacKillop Catholic College and spend much of my time organising extra curricular activities for youth.  First and foremost I am a musician who’s primary instrument is the Saxophone.  These days much of my music is played within the Australian Army and I enjoy my role as an active reservist in the military.  This aside much of my time is broken up between teaching lessons, conducting bands and playing and coaching rugby league.

Rio 2013 will be my second WYD and one of which i am very excited to be a part of.  I was a member of the cast of the Stations of the Cross in Sydney in 2008 and experienced first hand the love, excitement and support in exploring faith with other young people.  My goal is to share my experiences with my parish and school and be someone to whom young people can grow their faith with.

I cant wait till Rio and am especially excited for mission week.
(Hoping some how we will get to see the State of Origin- GO QUEENSLAND!)
Eu amo Brasil!


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