Pilgrim – Carina Abrantes

Bom dia Brasil e meus amigos em São Paulo! Sou Carina e eu sou um dos peregrinos que viajam para o Brasil para a JMJ 2013! Estou muito animada por fazer parte desta maravilhosa oportunidade e ver o seu país que e um espetaculo!

Hey everyone! I am Carina, an NT pilgrim on my very first WYD journey. I am extremely excited and nervous about this life changing experience. I have never endeavoured on such a largely spiritual adventure before but am more than ready for great and powerful influences in my life.


I am a Laboratory Technician at O’Loughlin Catholic College and enjoy promoting and assisting in the science education of our middle and senior students. Along with our teachers, I make science come alive and give students exciting opportunites to discover science practically. Science is, of course, best when it’s hands-on! Outside of work, I love to dance. I have a passion for latin style dances and I cannot get enough. If I’m not dancing, I’m YouTubing routines! From Zumba fitness to Salsa, Bachata and Merenge. I’ve always had a thirst to learn Samba as well – one of Brazil’s famous! I already have plans to return to Brazil in 2015 to attend the Carnival and soak in their rich cultural influences.

Exciting times ahead! I very much look forward to meeting and sharing this amazing WYD experience with my fellow pilgrims and everybody who crosses our path. Viva Cristo, viva JMJ e viva Brasil! Aqui vamos nós!


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