Pilgrim – Robyn Craig

ROBYNHi everyone, my name is Robyn Craig and I’m a member of the Diocesan World Youth Day Committee as well as a member of the National World Youth Day Committee. Brazil will be my second World Youth Day pilgrimage.

I was coordinator to a group of young teachers and students from across the Northern Territory in 2011 and had the opportunity to travel to Portugal and experience Fatima on our way to WYD in Madrid.  For me the atmosphere at the final papal mass was an experience I will never forget and I was inspired by the huge crowds of young people not afraid to show their faith.

I am again looking forward to travelling with staff from some of our Catholic Schools here in the NT.  It will be an amazing journey on a personal level, whilst also sharing with others, spiritually and physically.

As we experience an active Mission Week I’m looking forward to staying with a host family in the Parish of St Judes, Sao Paulo. I know there will be challenging times ahead but am grateful for the opportunity given to me and know it will strengthen my relationship with God.

Brazil will be an amazing experience!

Viva Brasil! Eu amo Brasil!


One thought on “Pilgrim – Robyn Craig

  1. Looking forward to a container full of Brazil nuts and Acai berries on your return. Have a safe, happy, faithful and youthful trip!

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