After an exciting first night with our host families, it was an early morning breakfast at San Judas to catch up with fellow pilgrims from Adelaide and Italy. We had an introduction about where each of the groups comes from and tried to explained about how our group is made up of people from all over the Territory. 

After that we had a tour of the parish and meet some of the 80 staff members involved with the smooth running of such a large parish. Then we shared lunch before dancing our way through the streets of Sao Paulo carrying the replica World Youth Day cross. As we made our way through the streets we were greeted by other parishioners who were happy to dance and sing-a-long with us. We saw a range of different types of houses people lived in and then visited the Child Care Center that was closed however the kids had recorded a song for us that we watched and they had left a present for each of us to remember Brazil. 

After a coffee break we had a beautiful adoration and then a parish mass in English which had  surprise at the end when all the parishioner were holding up signs saying `Welcome …(and our names)´ and we had to make our way through the church meeting everyone and thanking them for making us feel so welcomed. 

Thank you to the Parish of San Judas for making us feel so welcomed as I don’t believe we could have had a better introduction to WYD being anywhere else. 


One thought on “Wednesday

  1. Oh what a thankful you are all taken care of and enjoying the beautiful people there! God Bless!

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