Friday – People people and more people

Today was Friday and the last day of the WYD festivities before the pilgrimage walk and WYD mass. Today was a day where you just had to be a part of the crowd. After a sunny morning at catechesis where we heard inspirational words by Archbishop Mark Coleridge on mission. The ever present religiosity of Brazil permeates everything.

God in my day is found in the small interactions with the people of the world.

This day was beautifully summarised by ‘The Way of the Cross’. This was displayed in a less traditional format however was still a sight to behold. The resounding music and visual spectacle enveloped Copacabana beach and did not disappoint.

The crowd summary at the beginning of this blog perfectly captures the feeling of a heaving mass of thousands pushing for a closer look. The sheer volumes of people in this place have to be seen to be believed.

Looking forward to the walk tomorrow regardless that the plans have changed drastically over the last few days. We offer up thoughts and prayers to the countless workers and volunteers who will no doubt day break to ensure Saturday and Sunday run smoothly.

God Bless,
Andrzej & David


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