NT Pilgrims go up the Corcovado….Finally!

Today we went to the Christ Redeemer! After our disappointing attempt on Monday to see the statue, we finally got to go today. Missing our tour on Monday turned out to be a blessing as it was a cold and wet night. Today it was a beautiful warmish day. The view was beautiful as was the statue. At the base of the statue there was a chapel and Mass was being celebrated. What captured the interest of some of the members of the group though, was the local wild life especially the monkeys which some ‘kids’ in the group were very keen to see.

Jacinta – It was amazing to see Christ the Redeemer close up and we could see his heart on the statue as well. I was so happy to go and experience that with the other pilgrims from Darwin. They were also very happy to be there.

Marina – In the World Youth Day spirit, several scenic pictures of Christ the Redeemer had been put up around the statue, with a line of the Our Father in several different languages. I was very happy to be able walk around with a couple of fellow pilgrims and pray it. It was another experience of praying in Brazil to remember. The contrast of the quiet prayer with the noise and liveliness of the people around…

Tonight we start the journey back home. We are happy to be going back to our own beds but many of us are sad to leave and some want to return to Brazil someday.

Marina and Jacinta



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