Our WYD story in UNITY

The front page of the December edition of Unity
The front page of the December edition of Unity

A youth news article made it to the front page of UNITY (the Darwin Diocese publication)!  Exciting times!  Lauren Hill, Jacinta Crocombe and Ladan Moraldi graced the front page with their presence – their smiles at being at Mount Corcovado at the foot of Christo Redentor lit up the page!

And since then, the recent publication has been walking off the tables at Churches across the diocese – I have never seen them move this quick!  A sign that the life and energy of a pilgrimage of faith is infectious.

To view the full UNITY publication, you can visit http://www.darwin.catholic.org.au/unity/unity.html to download Edition 17.  Warning though, the document is quite large at 32MB, so it may be difficult to download from remote locations.  If you would like a copy, pop into your local Catholic Church or email Benita at youth@darwin.catholic.org.au and she can email you a copy of the article.

Hope this finds you well and enjoying this special time of waiting in Advent.  Here’s hoping you don’t need to wait too long until our next blog post – another testimony and a Christmas reflection coming soon we hope.

God bless you all


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