One year on – Um ano!

It’s one year on.

In the last month we have been remembering our time in Brasil for World Youth Day and the Mission Week experience in São Paulo. It has been great to see our pilgrims make contact with each other, with photos and memories being shared.

A lot of our pilgrim group came together for a Brazilian BBQ dinner. Churrasco – is that right? All the girls! Jacinta drove 7 hours from her home in Wadeye with her Dad and daughter to join the rest of us in Darwin. Marina was visiting from Sydney. Carina had gotten back from Greece just in time.

It was a shame not to have Mesak (visiting family in Daly River), David (got held up at rugby training), Zena and Michael (in Bali), Andrzej (teaching in Alice Springs), Melissa (teaching on Bathurst Island) and Chris (now lives in Melbourne) with us. Such is the challenge with such long distances in our diocese. But they were with us in spirit, many of them made video messages for us.

What stood out for so many of us was the impact that the country and people of Brasil had made on our lives and our faith. And how we still feel that. Most especially the people of our host parish of São Judas. They are still a part of us. And nights like this to gather and share and remember, keep them all the closer.

Here are some pictures from the night…












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