A message for Św. Antoniego w Zdzieszowice

Our pilgrims fly out of Australia on Thursday – that is two sleeps. And instead of packing (which I really need to do!) I am writing you this note…  So I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

During our time in Poland, we will spend about 5 days in the Diocese of Opole (www.diecezja.opole.pl). Particularly, we will be based in the parish of St Anthony’s in Zdzieszowice.

This is the home parish of one of our priests in the Diocese of Darwin – Fr Jan Szweda svd and he showed me around the parish last year when we visited.


With the help of the Brisbane pilgrims, we have prepared this video as an introduction to the parish.

The local parish priest also made a message of introduction for us.

I am regularly in contact with the group who are preparing in the parish and Paulina has sent me these photos this week of them working towards our week together.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are really looking forward to this encounter in Zdzieszowice, there is something very special about the Days in the Diocese program in the lead up to the World Youth Day week – it gives an opportunity for a more personal exchange between polish young people and the visiting youth of the world.

Zdzieszowice, here we come!

To view our itinerary in full, click on the Krakow pilgrimage link above. We will be updating this blog with stories, photos and videos along the way. We look forward to sharing the experience with you.



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