Flights and welcome to Warsaw!

Only a day in to our pilgrimage and wow what an amazing experience it has already been! Meeting up with the Darwin mob at the airport was an experience in itself. We were fortunate enough to have the ABC film crew interview a few of our pilgrims and record our departure for the news that night. It was so great to finally meet all of the Darwin pilgrims and I think we can all agree that we definitely have an awesome group! After a short flight to Perth and some time to get to know each other and pray at the Perth airport we were ready for our big flight over to Dubai. After a relaxing flight, our pilgrimage group just got bigger as we arrived in Dubai to meet some of our fellow travellers from Brisbane and Rockhampton. It was so energising to already be seeing so many pilgrims from Australia and the world in their WYD shirts arriving in Dubai as they flew off to their different destinations.

After arriving in Warsaw, we were greeted by our local tour guide Catharina and taken to our hotel. After some time to refresh and relax, we were able to formally meet our entire group from QLD and NT. We then departed into our small groups were we had some time to explore the city of Warsaw on a small scavenger hunt. It is such a magical city! The buildings are so beautiful and colourful and from just a small walk down the new town centre, you can really feel the rich culture and pride of this special place. We were fortunate to close the day by a special welcoming mass by Father Pat and Father Dom in a majestic church in the main square followed by a delicious traditional Polish meal. After such a wonderful first afternoon, we can’t wait for what the next few days and weeks have in for of us.

Olivia Rose

Alice Springs Pilgrim


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